Alice in Movieland

I’m not a film student, but when school let out end of last year I started watching a lot of movies and found I love to explore by actor, rooting through their filmography and digging up works I’m unfamiliar with. It’s an adventure and it occurred to me that I wanted a place where my enthusiasm for these movies could overflow, a place I could chronicle my journey. So, here we are! For each movie, I’ll give my two cents but I will also link to “proper” reviews, post pictures, and pepper in some YouTube trailers, interviews, clips, and what-have-you. It’s for my entertainment and self-education, but you’re welcome to join me and have fun too.

Hiding in my neice's nursery for some peace and quiet :-p

And my name’s not Alice, but Alice in Wonderland was the perfect metaphor for how I felt I was going to explore, so I played on that for my blog’s name. My name is actually Sabrina. =)

The way I’m going to pick the movies I do here is to go actor by actor through a list of the stars I’m interested in seeing more of and watching their movies (most of which I won’t have seen) until I feel like moving on to the next person. Therefore, there is likely to be a good number of lesser known films reviewed here, but I’ll also be re-viewing their better known items as well, and I’ll also be watching some newer movies (which probably won’t be in keeping with whatever actor I’m working my way through at the time) as I come across them.

My rating system is as follows:

  • 1 – Complete garbage
  • 2 – Don’t waste your time
  • 2.5 – Only if you have nothing better to watch
  • 3 – Okay entertainment
  • 3.5 – Good entertainment
  • 4 – Highly recommend
  • 5 – Absolute favorite

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