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{January 17, 2010}   Laws of Attraction (2004)

I really need to stop watching previews til I catch up with the Colin Firth reviews, but can you blame me? I saw this…

…and I thought, “Wait a second. I *own* that!” Apparently, I’d never watched it. So wasteful! I know! So I went hunting through my movie stash and here we are.

All in all, pretty good, pretty cute (especially Pierce Brosnan). It’s about two lawyers, two *divorce* lawyers, Daniel Rafferty (Brosnan) and Audrey Woods (Julianne Moore), who… wake up one morning and find themselves married. To each other. Problem: they don’t *like* each other. At least, that’s what she thinks (well, they *have* been bickering pretty much nonstop since they met. Er… is she just bickering at him?). Poor Daniel. I felt so bad for him when she told him they were going to have to get it annulled.

Audrey: Oh, oh, oh, it’s all coming back! We gotta find the guy that did this and tell him we didn’t mean it!
Daniel: Well, what if I did mean it?
Audrey: Of course you didn’t, how could you? You don’t want to be married to me!
Daniel: (after she runs out of the room) How do you know?

You feel so bad for him!! And he keeps trying to make it work. She, however, has the curse of many women, insecurity, and doesn’t realize that he actually loves her til after she makes him leave.

On a few points, it’s a little formulaic, like the crucial last minute save (oops! well, you knew it was coming), or the two of them falling into bed after the first date, but, eh, so what if it’s predictable? It’s a romantic-comedy!! They’re always predictable! Doesn’t mean we don’t love ’em. The point of the genre is that it makes you feel good, gives you a few laughs, and leaves you walking away all dreamy-eyed, ready to find your own Pierce Brosnan (who, by the way, did not fail to bring his rugged good looks and irresistible smile to the picture, even if he is, and I only just realized this, 56).

I was actually very pleased to see that they gave their “relationship” a little time to develop before the crisis of ending up married. I’d been worried they were going to do it much earlier in the film. I was a little disappointed with Moore, though, because, although she looked stunning, she seemed to go a tiny bit overboard with her character’s uptightness (and something else I can’t quite put my finger on…). Maybe it was to help accentuate the contrast with Daniel’s easy, laid-back manner. She did, however, unravel far too quickly when drunk (a smidge past believable there) and her blind insecurity got a tad old after awhile. And I’m not sure why they thought the Weather Channel joke was funny enough to leave in the movie… twice. But, as I said… it does what a romantic-comedy’s supposed to do. It’s a decent, feel-good movie. (I’m not going to complain about 85 minutes with the dazzling Brosnan even if the plot *is* slightly unrealistic!!)

And, if for some reason Brosnan does nothing for you, the movie *does* boast a couple beautiful shots of Irish scenery. At least, I hope they were actually shot in Ireland. I think that would have been a nice treat for the native born actor.


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